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Super Bock with surprising digital range

The Super Bock’s 90 year-old commemorative campaign reached a total of 1 million unique views on Facebook. The result represents more than triple the average baseline for brands of the same category, according to a study by Facebook and Kantar Wordpanel.

The analysis reveals that during the three weeks, that the action was developed, only on Facebook the film had a reach of 11.5%, which results in the campaign being “considered an international case study.” The study also reveals that, in total, 89% of the Portuguese were impacted by this campaign and 45% of the GRP´s come from the social network, validating the frequency and consistency of Facebook.

The data presented aims to prove that a television action combined with this social network is more effective, since “television reinforces notoriety and Facebook, commitment and identification with the consumer.”

“Facebook has played an important role in the Super Bock communication mix and it was through this consistent bet that we achieved these excellent results: a million unique people in addition to the TV campaign. In essence, Facebook is a social channel and, therefore, it can be capitalized in an integrated way to be used to increase the effectiveness of our communication, “explains the director of Marketing Beers of Unicer, Bruno Albuquerque.

The action used reach and frequency planning and was generally targeted at men and women aged 18-54 to reach an audience comparable to TV, according to a statement.

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