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Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo gives cheeky robot Sophia a kiss and a wink in new advert

Cristiano Ronaldo gets to meet robot Sophia in a new advert.

The robot makes Cristiano smile when she tells him that he has the most football fans in the world.

The Real Madrid star gives Sophia a cheeky kiss as she tells him what she knows about Cristiano.

After bragging she’s “very intelligent” Cristiano challenges her to repeat his famous goal-scoring shout, although he stays sat in his chair rather than getting up to jump, twirl and plant his feet with his hands by his side to complete the move.

The result is far from the real thing – showing Sophia needs a bit more programming from her makers to really pull it off if the two stars of the human and robot world meet up again in the future.

The star was shooting a commercial for Portuguese telecoms firm MEO.


in The Sun