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Briefing: #ourchoice of april has robots and humans

Thank God It’s Friday! It is a common “feeling” and the motto of our special newsletter on Friday. Today we present #ourchoice of April. Signed by Partners, this MEO campaign, which is already in the second wave, marked the new positioning – Humaniza-te – and premieres the face-to-face between humans and robots.

“MEO, Cristiano introduces Sofia to Sophia” is the name of the campaign that led MEO to the leadership of generic recall, according to Marktest’s Publivaga. The success led to a new wave, with more premieres: Mário Crespo, a former journalist, who challenges the robots’ ability to keep up with the news of humans. The conclusion – according to Mário Crespo and MEO – is that they are not ready yet!

Thus, #ourchoice of April it´s a motto for the special edition of the TGIF newsletter, from Briefing, where we share some suggestions for being Out of Office.


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