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The “Love” of Havas and Ministério sits outside

It´s called “Love” the film that the Ministério dos Filmes produced and performed for AHDPA – the Humanitarian Association of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Patients. With Havas’s creativity, there were several international advertising sites that echoed this piece.

The film shows how a devoted husband learns how to make-up to be able to make-up the wife, who can no longer do it for suffering from dementia.

Has creative direction of Paulo Pinto and José Vieira, who also signs the copy, along with Nuno Leal. The direction of art is by Rita Branco. In the Ministério dos Filmes,  the production is by Alberto M. Rodrigues and Marco Martins and the directors are Guilherme Branquinho and Leone Niel.

“Love” is featured on Best Ads on TV, Ads of the World, Latins Spots and Shots.

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