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11 Portuguese artists join in one campaign

António Zambujo, Capitão Fausto, Piruka and Gisela João are just some of the musicians challenged by NOS to give new life to the theme “A minha casinha”. Celebrated by Xutos & Pontapés, the song was first performed by Milu in the 1943 on the film “The Coast of the Castle”.

In the campaign “A nova net da NOS é GIGA”, 11 Portuguese artists join through the network of the operator to create collaborative versions of the song. Each of them from a different location, proving that the new network of NOS offers speeds of 1GB per second in millions of homes across Portugal, according to explains in a statement.

Ana Moura (Coruche), António Zambujo (Beja), Captain Fausto (Lisboa), Clã (Porto), Conan Osiris (Lisboa), Gisela João (Barcelos), Moullinex (Viseu), Piruka (Lisboa), Surma (Leiria) ,Throes & The Shine (Porto) and The Legendary Tigerman (Coimbra) make up the complete cast of the campaign, which creativity comes from Havas Worldwide and the production from Ministério dos Filmes.

“This campaign has all the DNA of NOS. On the one hand, it shows it´s technological base and the commitment to deliver the best net experience in the whole country, building the respect axis. On the other hand, it brings us music, an emotional territory of the brand that builds love and firmly positions itself in entertainment. In the campaign, as in people’s lives, these universes live together. The campaign shows it in a very interesting way “, comments Rita Torres Baptista, Director of Brand and Communication of NOS.

Marco Martins, the director of the campaign’s films, adds in a statement that it is a “unique project because of its size, the portrait of his time and his human and musical vocation, always so present in the communication of NOS.”

Paulo Pinto, of Havas, goes ahead, even though the campaign “is more than a simple piece of advertising”, and several content is always provided with the net Giga as a base. Television, film, radio, digital platforms and shops NOS it´s where it can already be found.

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