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‘Hip Hop Tuga’ honored in the new Super Bock campaign

Black Company, Mind Da Gap, Capicua, Slow J and Estraca joined the Super Bock to star in a movie honoring Music. It tells the story of Portuguese Hip Hop in the last 25 years, lived in the first person and represents the legacy of the artists, their experiences and emotions in each concert and the authentic friendship stories that arise in this context.

“25 Years of Inspiration” is the name of the new Super Bock Group brand beer campaign that uses fact-based images to portray the evolution of Music in Portugal over the last 25 years and the career of artists in different generations as well as their creative process and inspiration for today’s great successes. The style of the film is biopic, a close-up approach to the film record, used for the first time in an advertising campaign. Super Bock is thus the first brand in Portugal to bring this style of film to the small screen.

As a tribute to music, this film follows the creative process of Black Company, Mind Da Gap, Capicua or Slow J, the beginning of songs that are undeniable successes today. The recordings of the new campaign were in the exact places where these songs were created, for example, in the café Avis, where Capicua used to compose their songs. Already Slow J shared with Super Bock all his creative process in which he even went to sleep on the floor of the studio where he recorded.

O Escritório is the agency responsible for the creative and conceptual development of this campaign. Ministério Dos Filmes gave form to the script and it was up to the producer Alberto Rodrigues and the director José Pedro Sousa to assure the most recent production of the brand, in a differentiating way and with an engaging approach.

In a statement, Super Bock places the new campaign in the context of Music, keeping the character close and promoting the best brewing experience, associated with moments between friends and the best environments and sonorities.

Bruno Albuquerque, Super Bock Grou’s Director of Marketing, said: “By 2019, we want to make this association (music) even more transversal to the brand’s performance in all its dimensions, including communication. In this film, the protagonists are the artists. In fact, it is undeniable that it is the artists who, in general, are a source of inspiration for other artists and for all those who enjoy Music. After all, we’re all going to drink somewhere. That’s what we’re trying to translate into this movie. It is, above all, a tribute to music, in this case putting the focus on the evolution of hip hop, and a clear reinforcement of our commitment in this territory. ”

Still in music territory, Super Bock Super Rock was the festival with the best media performance in the Portuguese media between September 2018 and March 2019, and leads the “Summer Festivals Marathon – Cision Ranking”.

In second place in this ranking Cision comes the NOS Alive, which was highlighted by the number of news that was mentioned in the period under analysis: more than 2,500. The podium is complete with Southwest Meo.

EDP ​​Cool Jazz and Vodafone Paredes de Coura also ended the warm-up period for the summer festivals in the first half of the table. Following are Primavera Sound, Meo Marés Vivas, EDP Vilar de Mouros, Sumol Summer Fest and O Sol da Caparica.



by Marco Silva
in Imagens de Marca