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In 7 minutes Super Bock tells the story of portuguese hip hop

Super Bock kicks off with a campaign celebrating 25 years of linking to music and hip hop history. O Escritório signs creativity.

It is a campaign with a certain “dose of risk” in a territory that since 1995 to Super Bock is for you: music. It is also a campaign that shows “a chain of inspiration between artists” and a 25 year history of the hip hop movement in Portugal. In seven minutes.

“We wanted to make an organic campaign and stage relevant stories for the community,” explains Bruno Albuquerque, director of marketing beers at the Super Bock Group, to Dinheiro Vivo. 25 years of Inspiration traces the history of the hip hop movement in Portugal from the 90s to the present day, pointing to the future.

More than an advertisement, “it’s a publicity film that is a short film of 7 minutes”, emphasizes Bruno Albuquerque. 25 years … will have shorter versions (45 seconds and 20 seconds), but the “grand platform is the 7-minute film that celebrates the creative process of the artists,” he says.

Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia and Lisbon are some of the places where the filming took place and that involved more than 200 extras and 26 actors. These are the ones that give shape to the artists who, in turn, give life to the message of the brand: “We are all going to drink by Some Side. Super Bock & Music, Authentic Friendship “.

Music and Friendship. Two keys where the brand has been betting in recent years on the level of communication, having gone to seek for this new campaign the same creative team behind Manifest of Friendship (2015) and 90 years of SuperBock (2017): the agency of publicity O Escritório and the director José Pedro Sousa, from Ministério Dos Filmes.

In 7 minutes, 25 years of national hip hop history taking in the background and stage the Super Bock Super Rock (SBSR), festival to which the beer brand has been linked since 1995. It is precisely with the first SBSR, in the Gare Marítima de Alcântara, with Black Company, who were part of the festival’s alignment, and the theme “Não Sabe Nadar”, which starts this story. In the audience, two festival goers, who will later form the Mind Da Gap. Throughout the short, the creative chain continues with Capicua and Slow J. In the end, the chain of inspiration refers to a future ‘historic’ hip hop, now take the first steps: Estraca. And the bridge is made for this year’s edition of the SBSR, since the artist is part of the festival poster, this year back to Meco.

“It’s not a movie about Super Bock festival Super Rock is our celebration of music. Our presence on this platform is not exhausted at this festival”, says Bruno Albuquerque, noting that beer is on stage or as official beer “in all major festivals, with the exception of Nos Alive.”

It is a celebration of music, territory where the brand has moved for more than two decades, but focused on hip hop. “A musical style that has gained expression and space with a younger audience”, justifies the marketing manager of the Super Bock Group, in addition, the target of the campaign with which they want to “make the brand closer to future generations and create strong emotional bonds through music.”

But with “authenticity”. And this is reflected in the care put into many of the details of production. Filmed in a “very cinematic language,” the ad, where we witnessed the passing of testimony / inspiration between artists during concerts on the SBSR, uses a biopic record, depicting moments, spaces, and objects that inspired artists.

The books that inspired Capicua, Slow J to sleep in the studio while he creates, the spaces that welcomed the hip hop movement in Porto, such as Comix (the bearded barista, Rodas, who serves a beer to Mind Da Gap’s former owner the Djamal t-shirt (in an allusion to the love story between Gap’s Mind Ace and the rapper from Djamal), the Gaiolin graffiti created by Ace, the announcer José Mariño, who gave space on the radio to the movement, to introduce the theme “Piu Piu Piu” dos Mind Da Gap … All this is the background of the short in the quest to portray as realistically as possible the energy of the community and the environment where hip hopers circulated. And in the end, the brand closes with the artists themselves to join in celebrating 25 years of history.

“It was a strong investment of the brand,” says Bruno Albuquerque, without revealing values.

25 years of history is accompanied on the ground with a series of activations, such as the series of 25 concerts in Road to Super Bock Super Rock as well as at the point of sale. Prizes will be awarded to those who buy beer packs, giving consumers the chance to win “unique experiences” such as special access to festival artists.



by Ana Marcela
in Dinheiro Vivo