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Briefing | NOS wins more with Havas and Ministério

NOS has a new telecommunications package that invites customers to collect more cards and thus gain more advantages. The offer is being communicated with a campaign led by musicians Ana Bacalhau and Samuel Úria, with Havas creativity and production of Ministério Dos Filmes.

“When you get together, you get more than you like” is the underlying message, with NOS providing more advantages to those who join the fixed and mobile: the operator says that “by adding more cards to the package, twice the mobile data, calls and SMS, and it is also possible to add different tariffs, so that each one has exactly what it needs.”

The multi-media campaign – television, film, digital, social networks and brand stores – includes a film by Marco Martins in which the two musicians sing and try to convince “there are more advantages to joining the NOS.”

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