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Marketeer | Samuel Úria and Ana Bacalhau give music to NOS

“If you feel limited, this is a thing of the past” are the words that may be in the minds of those who come across the latest NOS announcement. The operator joined Samuel Úria and Ana Bacalhau to create a song that shows how their new telecommunications packages are tailor-made for each customer – with all the mobile data, calls and SMS they need.

According to the NOS, there are often different profiles within the same house, with varied communication and entertainment needs. In this sense, the operator has decided to reformulate its offer and offer more advantages to those who join the fixed and the mobile – anyone who joins a card to the TV + Net + Voice service will have free access to NOS Play, for example.

“When you get together, you get more than you like” is the motto of the campaign that announces the news. With Havas creativity and production of Ministério Dos Filmes, he is present in television, movies, digital platforms, social networks and NOS stores.