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NOS summons Branko, Elvira Fortunato and Pedro Simas for a new page turn

NOS 5G campaign kicks off this Thursday. “O Amanhã” has the creativity of Havas and directed by Marco Martins.

If the future is a blank page, write it and flip it. And 5G will be this tool to design the future. Branko, Dino d’Santiago, Siza Vieira, Elvira Fortunato, Pedro Simas, Afonso Cruz or Gustavo Carona are some of the more than 20 national talents who stand out for this campaign that kicks off this Thursday.

“5G is a very powerful tool for Portugal to write its future. There is this confidence that our art, our science, our courage, our heart will lead us to be able to do this “, says Rita Torres Baptista, NOS Brand and Communication director, in statements to Dinheiro Vivo.

“The well-known faces – Branko, Dino d’Santiago, Elvira Fortunato, Siza Vieira … – are not here as celebrities, they are of all backgrounds and ages. They translate the symbolic truth of this recognition of human capacity and genius, that, when there is will, courage, innovation, investment, in whatever area – because that is true for a dancer as well as for an astrophysicist -, when we have these qualities within us that make us extraordinary, it allows us to move forward, take new tools like technology and take them to another level of reach”.

After a year of pandemic, there is a desire for the future, believes Rita Torres Baptista. Something that Tomorrow seeks to embody. “There is this insight from the campaign that we have a desire for the future, but also another equally powerful one that we have confidence in. Why should we lower our arms and let ourselves be overwhelmed by a less happy context?”.

“The context is challenging and will continue to be for others that life will bring us, because the future is this: unknown, uncertain. But we are going to it better equipped, with an idea of sustainability, inclusiveness and expansiveness. It is not less health, but more. It is not less connections, but more. It is not less intelligence, but more”.

“There is this concern to touch everyone on this idea that the future is what we want and to summon the best that is in us, to turn the page. That can be simply having a different attitude, summoning a will, an energy. That is powerful, mobilizing and inspiring and deeply institutional “, defends the brand and communication director of NOS.

A moment that brands have to know how to read and grab. “Brands have to understand and respond to the times and give people inspiration. Arousing people’s interest in something that is not part of their lives, 5G is not part of their lives, it does not yet exist at home, and empowering them. We can write the future we want “.

“We never know where innovation comes from, where possibilities come from, but there is this idea of ​​optimism. Not out of place optimism, but empowering. We write our future, Portugal writes its future. We are a country that when it wants to be extremely enterprising, innovative, who knows how to get around, reinvent himself. Come on, let’s do it “, says Rita Torres Baptista.

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