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Meios e Publicidade | NOS joins 20 national talents from arts to science

Scientist Elvira Fortunato, astrophysicist André Moitinho, virologist Pedro Simas or doctor Gustavo Carona are some of the figures who join the names of the arts and culture in a new NOS campaign that represents “a wish for the future”. “Today there is a great desire to turn the page, a desire for the future. The desire for a better, more agile, smarter, more connected, more sustainable society”, explains Rita Torres Baptista, NOS brand and communication director, pointing out that “this future calls for enabling technology”.

It is this technology, with a focus on the possibilities that are anticipated with the arrival of 5G, the central axis of the new advertising campaign of the telecommunications operator, under the claim “What comes next is a blank page. It is the beginning of everything”. The objective is to “inspire and mobilize everyone to conquer new possibilities”, presenting “a mosaic made up of real people, who represent the most diverse areas of society” to underline that “between the dream and the realization, between the cold in belly and adrenaline to take the first step, there’s the courage and the will to do it for the first time ”.

Elvira Fortunato (scientist), André Moitinho (astrophysicist), Pedro Simas (virologist), Gustavo Carona (doctor), Álvaro Siza Vieira Diogo Aguiar (architects), Constança Entrudo (textile designer), Joana Duarte (fashion designer), Adriana Mano (Zouri Shoes – ecological footwear), Filipe Raposo, Dino d’Santiago, Branko, First Lady and His Band (musicians), Afonso Cruz and Matilde Campilho (writers), Adriana Progranó (painter), Regg Salgado (muralist), Vitor Agostinho / Samuel dos Reis (project Cerne Mutante), Hugo Brito (chef) and Alba Batista (actress) are the protagonists of this mosaic, described by Rita Torres Baptista as people who “represent the best that each of us can be and show that, although tomorrow is uncertain, there is a desire to move forward and do for the first time, what no one has done ”.

The campaign film, directed by Marco Martins, was shot between Lisbon and Porto, with 180 shots that “refer to a latent state of conceptualization and exploration of knowledge and creativity”. “The environments are transformed with the release of the characters at the moment of creation, and the entire conceptual universe of the film reacts to this change”, describes the brand in a press release. Creativity is signed by Havas Different. The production was in charge of Ministério Dos Filmes.

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