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Imagens de Marca | A trip behind the scenes of the new NOS 5G campaign

‘O Amanhã’ is the new NOS campaign and was developed by Havas Different, produced by Ministério Dos Filmes and directed by Marco Martins.

Filmed between Porto and Lisbon, the 180 shots of this campaign that, according to the brand, want to send us to a latent state of conceptualisation and exploration of knowledge and creativity.

To give face to this campaign, NOS invited more than twenty people, national talents in different areas and of different generations. What they have in common is an enormous desire for the future, to create, advance and make their mark.

“It is all of these people, together with excerpts from the past and the present, that give life to the Manifesto, and who intend to inspire each of us in everything we do, today and always.” – read in a statement from the telecommunications operator.

In this article on Imagens de Marca, we take you, first hand, on a journey behind the scenes of this campaign.

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