Briefing | Continente plays for national football teams

Continente marks the sponsorship of the portuguese national team of men’s and women’s senior football and the U-21 men’s, through a multi-media campaign with the creativity of Fuel and production by Ministério Dos Filmes. “This hunger to win doesn’t stop growing” is the concept of the campaign, which has several players as protagonists and the voice of Capicua in the narration.

The campaign associates the already well-known “Fome de Vencer” with a new extended sponsorship, which covers the three main Portuguese teams. The players Bruno Fernandes, Rúben Dias, Diogo Jota, Jéssica Silva, Kika Nazareth and Diogo Queirós show their face in the commercial, which “comes to remember that there is one more opportunity to come together (in stadiums, on the streets, at home or even virtually) and that, especially after the victory of the European Championship (and the holding of the longest-lasting title in history), this is ‘a hunger to win that keeps growing'”.

“Jéssica, Kika, Bruno, Rúben, Diogo Jota and Diogo Queirós are representatives of their respective teams and, therefore, the right protagonists to show what it means to be part of these collectives and the world of football. At the same time, they are in different teams and are unique people, that is, with their own stories to tell. But in the end, we realized that what connects them is both unity and diversity, difference and inclusion, being from different teams, but having the same hunger to win , says Marketing Director at Sonae MC, Tiago Simões.

Continente is also the official partner for food and nutrition for all national teams, working together with the official chef of the team, Luís Lavrador, and his team.

Continente joga nas seleções nacionais de futebol

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