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Meios & Publicidade | Jéssica Silva and Kika Nazareth help Continente to position themselves as the “sponsor” of all the portuguese national teams

“This hunger to win doesn’t stop growing” is the concept of the campaign that kicks off this monday to strengthen Continente connection to the FPF and to underline the brand’s support for national teams on the eve of the kick-off for Euro 2020. One of the highlights goes to the participation of Jéssica Silva and Kika Nazareth, athletes of the national women’s team, who join Bruno Fernandes, Rúben Dias, Diogo Jota and Diogo Queirós as protagonists of the campaign that aims to position the Continent as ‘sponsor of a single selection, by extending the sponsorship agreement with the FPF to the women’s team.'”

“Continente and FPF have been partners for several years because they see football as a synonym for entertainment, celebration and conviviality for Portuguese families. The various teams are also a symbol of unity, a desire to win that brings us together, something that has gained even more relevance after the last year we went through”, begins by justifying José Fortunato, marketing manager at Sonae MC, who signed the agreement with the president of FPF, Fernando Gomes, in Cidade do Futebol. “The fact that we have strengthened this partnership, with the expansion of sponsorship to the female selection, is a clear reflection of how positive this connection has been for all parties”, concludes the head of Sonae MC. Continente starts to sponsor the selection A, the women’s team A and the men’s U-21 team, in addition to being an official partner of all national football and futsal teams for food and nutrition.

“It is very important to have a brand of this dimension supporting women’s football”, underlined Fernando Gomes, recalling that “the increase in the number of female players and teams, the greater interest in the sport and the evolution of the athletes themselves are signs of the development of football feminine”. “More than sports success, FPF’s partnership with Continente is based on the sharing of common values ​​and interests. Continente is associated with our commitment to women’s sport and the constant concern we have with a cause as structuring as gender equality”, says the president of FPF.

“Jéssica, Kika, Bruno, Rúben, Diogo Jota and Diogo Queirós are representatives of the respective teams and, therefore, the right protagonists to show what it means to be part of these groups and the world of football”, considers Tiago Simões, marketing director at Sonae MC, referring that “they are simultaneously in different teams and are unique people, that is, with their own stories to tell”. “In the end, we realized that what connects them is both unity and diversity, difference and inclusion, being from different teams, but having the same hunger to win”, explains the marketing director at Sonae MC.

The campaign, which will start on monday, has Fuel’s creativity and evolves the “Hunger to Win” concept of the campaign created for Euro 2016 to underline this extension of sponsorship to the three teams and remember that, after to win the European title, this is “a hunger to win that keeps growing”. The commercial is produced by Ministério Dos Filmes.

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