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News Cision | Continente is “sponsor of one portuguese national team”

“This hunger to win doesn’t stop growing” is the concept of the multi-media campaign that starts today, with the players Bruno Fernandes, Rúben Dias, Diogo Jota, Jéssica Silva, Kika Nazareth and Diogo Queirós, and which marks the official sponsorship of Continente, not only to the A Men’s Football Team, but also to the U-21 Men’s Team and the A Women’s Football Team, in an agreement signed in the City of Football with representatives of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and Sonae MC.

The campaign, creatively created by Fuel, associates the already well-known “Hunger to Win” with a new extended sponsorship that covers the 3 main teams. This campaign comes to remind us that there is one more opportunity to come together (in stadiums, on the streets, at home or even virtually) and that, especially after the victory of the European Championship (and the holding of the most lasting title in history), this is “A hunger to win that keeps growing”.

In this story, the Portuguese will be able to enter a space that normally the public does not have access to: the dressing room, where we see the moments that precede the entry of players on the field. Immersed in the preparation, we learn what goes through their minds before the start of another game. Concentration, flashbacks and memories of important moments in their life. When they line up for the moment of the anthem, we realize that they are all in the same field and are part of the same selection, a single selection. A selection that does not see gender, age, or race. A team that seeks to feed a hunger to win that keeps growing.

The story is accompanied by the rhyming narration of Capicua, a well-known strong female voice with an accent, which appears for the first time associated with football. This voice brings a poetic dimension to the film, which takes the audience through the journey of preparing our players for entering the field.

The extension of the Continente sponsorship to the Women’s Football Team is related to the importance of equal opportunities between both genders and the bet on a team that is taking its first steps in international competitions.

Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC explains that “Jéssica, Kika, Bruno, Rúben, Diogo Jota and Diogo Queirós are representatives of the respective teams and, therefore, the right players to show what it means to do part of these collectives and the world of football. At the same time, they are in different teams and are unique people, that is, with their own stories to tell. But, in the end, we realize that what connects them is both unity and diversity, difference and inclusion, being from different teams, but having the same hunger to win ”.

Continente is also the official partner for food and nutrition for all national teams, working together with the official chef of the team, Luís Lavrador, and his team.

Production Company – Ministério Dos Filmes
Executive Producer – Alberto M. Rodrigues
Director – José Pedro Sousa
Director of Photography (Portugal) – Carlos Lopes, “Káká”
Director of Photography (Manchester) – Francisco Vidinha
Production Director – Matilde Silveira
Production Director – Sandra Serrão
1st Assistant Director – Francisco Botelho
2nd Assistant Director – Ricardo Lameiras
3rd Assistant Director – Rita Lopes
1st Ass. Image – Tozé Ribeiro
2nd Ass. Image – Rui Pereira
Assist. Video – Vera Santos
DIT – Telmo Romão
Streaming 14/5 – Nuno Machado
Streaming 15/5 – Nuno Brito
Production Coordinator – Renata Amaro
Production Secretary – Paula Vaz
Location Manager – Filipe Safara
Production Assistant – João Barata
Production Assistant – Alexandre Dinis
Production Assistant – Miguel Cruz
Driver – Gonzalo Robledo
Production Van Assistant – Nuno Gonçalves
Art Director – Sofia Pereira
Ass. Art Director – Ruth Levy
Plateau Assistant – João Madeira
Art Assistant – Pauline Luís
Handyman – Tomás Marau
Handyman – David Paredes
Transport – TIRP
Styling – Tearing Hearts, Isabel Carmona
Assist. Styling – Mariana Lourenço
Assist. Styling – Tânia Almeida
Makeup Artist – Antónia Rosa
Makeup Artist – Vanessa Reis
Hairdresser – Edgar Venâncio
Hairdresser – Miguel Machado
Gaffer – Paulo Alves, “Joca”
Electrician – Sérgio Caçoilo
Electrician – Hugo Alves
Electrician – Tiago Alves
Groupist – Jerónimo Caetano, “Jony”
Key Grip – Paulo Miguel Rosa
Driver – Rui Edgar Rosa
Ass. Grip – José Alves
Ass. Grip – João Carmo
Sound Director – Ricardo Sequeira
Post-Production Director – Duarte Ribeiro
Post-Production – Glimpse VFX
Sound – Indigo
Voiceover – Capicua
Editor – Marco Miguel
Grading – Paulo Inês
Music – Red Mojo
Making Of – Leone Niel
Scouting – João Alves
Shooting – Sérgio Tavares

Drone – Aeroperspectiva, Manuel Costa
Drone Assistant – Márcio Duarte
Catering – Sweet Cherry Party, Joana Rito
COVID team – Plastic Box
Casting – Quick Casting
Figuration – Valente Produções
Camera Equipment – HHA
Machinery and Electricity Equipment – Counterfield

Shooting producer Manchester – Ben Swift
Head of Production Shooting Manchester – Mercedes Crescenti

Photography – We Production
Photographer – Pedro Nóbrega
Assistant Photographer – Hugo Gonçalves
Production Photography – Carla Sequeira
Photography Production – Patrícia Barbosa

Creative Director: João Madeira
Production Director: Pedro Silva
Art Director: Gabriel Mendes
Copywriter: Miguel Mestre
Account Director: Tita Martins
Account Executive: Catarina Anacleto

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