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The Sun | CR7 “Origins”

CRISTIANO RONALDO did his best James Bond impersonation while advertising his new fragrance ORIGINS.


The Manchester United star, 36, begins the advert by taking a sniff of his new smell in the laboratory, indulging in its scent with his eyes closed.

The camera then cuts to Ronaldo apparently diving into the ocean where he floats to the bottom to do a pose before swimming alongside a humpback whale. Ronaldo then ascends to the surface with a voiceover saying in Portuguese: “No matter how far, how deep or how high I go, I never forget the path. Here, is where my origins will always be. My essence.” Meanwhile, Ronaldo bursts out of the water like Daniel Craig did while portraying James Bond in Casino Royale. The striker then picks up a bottle, which features Ronaldo’s iconic No 7. Next, Ronaldo sprays the fragrance on his neck before cutting back to the forward testing the fragrance in the lab.

Fans have reacted well to the advert with many keen to get their hands on the latest CR7 product. One Ronaldo fan said: “The GOAT scent smells the best! I need to get that new CR7 fragrance.” Another added: “If this product gets .0001 per cent of the essence of CR7 then it will definitely be the world’s best essence.” A third said: “The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.”

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