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Briefing | “LOLA Normajean asks for Uber Eats”

“You’re really asking for Uber Eats” is the motto of the new campaign for the home delivery of meals and products. It has a subscription to LOLA Normajean and is on air until December on TV, outdoors in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Coimbra and Aveiro, with traditional muppis and billboard formats, and digitally.

The concept is based on the daily role that Uber Eats plays in the lives of Portuguese people. In turn, the campaign addresses a typical feature of Portuguese – the “desenrascar” – when it leaves “last minute” tasks that need last minute solutions.

This communication aims to reinforce the positioning of Uber Eats as a delivery platform.

“’You’re really asking for Uber Eats’ is one of the biggest campaigns ever that marks our current positioning in the delivery of all types of products, entirely recorded in Portugal, and based on insights from national users”, says the director in Portugal, Diogo Aires Conceição.

“Portugal is a country that ‘asks for Uber Eats’ and, on our side, we will continue to work daily to continue to deliver and grow the delivery sector in the country, bringing more choices to users and more business opportunities for our partners”, he adds.

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