Shots | NOS asks us to give the gift of attention

The Portuguese telecommunications company encourages us to send a message to our friends and combat loneliness this Christmas. Despite living in a world where we can be in contact with our loved ones in a mere matter of seconds, loneliness is becoming a silent epidemic. The Carousel, created by O Escritório and directed by Marco […]

Marketeer | NOS invites us to offer attention this Christmas

Life can be a carousel of emotions (and loneliness). NOS invites us to offer attention this Christmas Loneliness does not choose ages and, despite being silent, it has a significant social and individual impact. According to data released by the European Commission, Portugal is the sixth country in Europe where loneliness has increased the most. […]

ECO | NOS chooses solitude as the theme of the Christmas campaign

Rita Torres Baptista, brand and communication director at NOS, explains the rationale for the campaign, signed by O Escritório, produced by Ministério Dos Filmes and directed by Marco Martins. Loneliness is the theme of NOS’ Christmas campaign. “Today, loneliness is a silent epidemic. The most recent changes in the world have skyrocketed its prevalence. The […]