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ECO | NOS chooses solitude as the theme of the Christmas campaign

Rita Torres Baptista, brand and communication director at NOS, explains the rationale for the campaign, signed by O Escritório, produced by Ministério Dos Filmes and directed by Marco Martins.

Loneliness is the theme of NOS’ Christmas campaign. “Today, loneliness is a silent epidemic. The most recent changes in the world have skyrocketed its prevalence. The statistic impresses and summons. The 2022 Gallup World Poll, the largest survey of the world’s population sentiment, brings us the serious data that one in five people feel they have no one to rely on, an alarming diagnosis, on the rise and demanding a response. This is also a reality in Europe.

The Prince’s Trust revealed that 35% of British young people between the ages of 16 and 25 feel more alone than ever. The United Kingdom has created a Ministry of Solitude for a concerted response to the issue, as had already been done in countries such as Japan, for example”, Rita Torres Baptista, the operator’s brand and communication director, begins by explaining to +M/ECO.

In Portugal the numbers are also frightening. Data from the European Commission show that we are the 6th country where loneliness has increased the most and Gallup reveals that the age group from 30 to 49 years old is the most affected, continues the person in charge, noting the existence of a significant change compared to the 2006 measurement, which showed loneliness as a problem for older people. “As a connection brand, Nos feels that it has a role to play here”, she summarizes.

“The problem we are addressing is widespread and disturbing and, in the campaign we are launching today, we show that each one of us can play an important, if not decisive, role in combating it. Sometimes, sending a message, a quick phone call or a video call can be much more valuable than we think”, continues Rita Torres Baptista. “The carousel is a metaphor for life and its twists and turns. It tells the story of a common life, like that of so many of us, to show that loneliness can come at any time, but also that it is possible to turn around” she says.

“This Christmas, pay attention” is the campaign’s claim, signed by O Escritório, produced by Ministério Dos Filmes, directed by Marco Martins.

Rita Torres Baptista does not reveal the amount invested in this campaign, but guarantees that “for this topic we have called on all high-reach platforms. TV, digital, outdoor, radio, cinema and all the NOS own media”, she tells + M / ECO, stressing that “we are truly committed to inspiring this movement of attention”.

In addition to the campaign, the operator will offer customers 10,000 minutes, 10,000 SMS and 10GB of mobile data and a free line to facilitate access to the Associação SOS Voz Amiga. “The 800 100 100 line that NOS made available to SOS Voz Amiga provides a toll-free number through which all those who feel lonely and suffering can ask for support. This is a complement to the extraordinary work that the SOS Voz Amiga Line has been carrying out for more than four decades, and which will remain in operation as long as it proves to be useful for the Association”, says the person in charge. In 2021, he adds, Associação Voz Amiga received more than 10,000 calls.

What about 2023? “NOS will continue to be among the most present brands with the greatest impact in the country. Our purpose – connections – has never been more essential to the life we ​​live today. We are a network for people, families, companies and for the collective causes we want to embrace. Our commitment is total,” she replies.

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