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Shots | NOS asks us to give the gift of attention

The Portuguese telecommunications company encourages us to send a message to our friends and combat loneliness this Christmas.

Despite living in a world where we can be in contact with our loved ones in a mere matter of seconds, loneliness is becoming a silent epidemic.

The Carousel, created by O Escritório and directed by Marco Martins through Ministério dos Filmes, aims to remind us of the importance of keeping in contact with friends and family by telling the protagonist’s life story through a metaphorical carousel ride.

The carousel magically transforms to represent different phases of his life, starting off with the joyous experience of the funfair as a child, to meeting his first girlfriend, to getting married. When his life takes a darker turn, he receives a reassuring text from his parents, proving that sometimes all it takes is a message from a loved one to turn things around.

The campaign highlights the brand’s pledge to combat loneliness by offering extra data, minutes and SMS to its clients, but also by providing an anonymous support hotline to help those who feel lonely.

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