Shots | NOS asks us to give the gift of attention

The Portuguese telecommunications company encourages us to send a message to our friends and combat loneliness this Christmas. Despite living in a world where we can be in contact with our loved ones in a mere matter of seconds, loneliness is becoming a silent epidemic. The Carousel, created by O Escritório and directed by Marco […]

Marketeer | NOS invites us to offer attention this Christmas

Life can be a carousel of emotions (and loneliness). NOS invites us to offer attention this Christmas Loneliness does not choose ages and, despite being silent, it has a significant social and individual impact. According to data released by the European Commission, Portugal is the sixth country in Europe where loneliness has increased the most. […]

ECO | NOS chooses solitude as the theme of the Christmas campaign

Rita Torres Baptista, brand and communication director at NOS, explains the rationale for the campaign, signed by O Escritório, produced by Ministério Dos Filmes and directed by Marco Martins. Loneliness is the theme of NOS’ Christmas campaign. “Today, loneliness is a silent epidemic. The most recent changes in the world have skyrocketed its prevalence. The […]

Briefing | “LOLA Normajean asks for Uber Eats”

“You’re really asking for Uber Eats” is the motto of the new campaign for the home delivery of meals and products. It has a subscription to LOLA Normajean and is on air until December on TV, outdoors in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Coimbra and Aveiro, with traditional muppis and billboard formats, and digitally. The concept is […]

O Jogo | “Benfica presents alternative jerseys with a tribute to Lisbon”

SL Benfica released this Monday the alternative kits for 2022/23, one white, the other roasted yellow/orange, with a tribute video to the city of Lisbon, which ends with the exhibition of jerseys at the Museu do Traje. “The deserved tribute of a global club to the city that saw it born”, wrote Benfica. Now look. […]

SL Benfica | “Adidas and SL Benfica exhibit 2022/23 jerseys at Museu do Traje”

The release film for the new season’s jerseys culminates with their exhibition alongside other garments that tell the history and experiences of the Portuguese people. Adidas and Sport Lisboa e Benfica present the “trilogy” of shirts from the 2022/23 season through a film that shows the connection between the Club and the city of Lisbon. […]