Meios e Publicidade | NOS joins 20 national talents from arts to science

Scientist Elvira Fortunato, astrophysicist André Moitinho, virologist Pedro Simas or doctor Gustavo Carona are some of the figures who join the names of the arts and culture in a new NOS campaign that represents “a wish for the future”. “Today there is a great desire to turn the page, a desire for the future. The […]

NOS summons Branko, Elvira Fortunato and Pedro Simas for a new page turn

NOS 5G campaign kicks off this Thursday. “O Amanhã” has the creativity of Havas and directed by Marco Martins. If the future is a blank page, write it and flip it. And 5G will be this tool to design the future. Branko, Dino d’Santiago, Siza Vieira, Elvira Fortunato, Pedro Simas, Afonso Cruz or Gustavo Carona […]

Briefing | The effectiveness of the Super Doc campaign

The effectiveness of the Super Doc campaign was proven in terms of communication, sales, reputation and social impact. Who says this is the director of Beer Marketing and Sponsorship of the Super Bock Group, Bruno Albuquerque, for whom efficiency is a constant challenge in a market as competitive as that of beers. The context was […]

Imagens de Marca | For Continente “There will always be Christmas”

“There will always be Christmas” is the signature of the campaign that Continente presents for this Christmas on TV, radio, outdoors, press and digital, in homage to traditions and the Christmas season. Defending Portugal, family unity and the importance of maintaining roots, this time the brand was joined by Cantares de Manhouce, a traditional music […]

Marketeer | Tradition and Portugality inspire Continente’s Christmas campaign

The new Continente campaign is a message of hope for the Portuguese. The supermarket chain of Sonae shows that “There Will Always Be Christmas” and takes the opportunity to underline the importance of maintaining the roots and traditions of the festive season, even in times of pandemic. Portugal and family unity are the pillars of […]

Briefing | MEO Natal comes with everything

Cristiano Ronaldo wears a hard-rocker outfit, Carolina Deslandes is an Anime heroine and Miguel Oliveira emerges as a futuristic knight in MEO’s new Christmas campaign, which combines rock n ‘roll and humor, personifying diverse universes of entertainment. Creativity belongs to Partners, production by Ministério Dos Filmes and media planning by OMD. Under the claim this […]

Meios & Publicidade | MEO brings together brand ambassadors for a Christmas with everything

Cristiano Ronaldo, Carolina Deslandes, Miguel Oliveira and João Sousa are some of the protagonists of Altice’s telecommunications operator’s Christmas campaign under the claim “Meo comes with everything”. “In an unprecedented year, in which the country and the world live unique and changing times”, the bet goes through an “energetic, irreverent and grounded Christmas campaign in […]

Imagens de Marca | A concert with Cristiano Ronaldo

“MEO comes with everything” is the motto of this year’s christmas commercial that brings together the brand’s ambassadors in a true concert that features a rock n ‘roll jingle. “In an unprecedented year, in which the country and the world live unique and changing times, MEO, Altice Portugal’s consumer brand, continues to assert itself as […]

Juventus News 24 | Cristiano Ronaldo launches new perfume: CR7 Game On

Cristiano Ronaldo embarks on a new commercial adventure. The portuguese champion of Juventus announced the launch of the new perfume that bears his name, CR7 Game On. Cristiano Ronaldo is currently with the portuguese national team preparing for the League of Nations. in Juventus News 24