A director of CZAR Films Amsterdam who, after deciding to come and live in our country, is now represented in Portugal by Ministério Dos Filmes.

Floris graduated university with a degree in Economics. However his devotion to creativity resulted in his switching careers to directing films. With his positive open-minded attitude, off-beat humour and visual trickery, Floris has made a name for himself in the global film industry. He has earned multiple international awards in numerous categories, from a Silver Mèlies for Best European Fantastic Short to Best Dutch Music Video as well as winning 17 out of 25 awards in Indonesia.

Music is his first love and his alter ego blackmetaldeath’s collaborations with Dutch bands like De Staat are a perfect fusion of Floris’ talent for filmmaking and music. This long-standing passion is always a reliable source of musical inspiration for all his projects.

When Floris is not shooting commercials, music videos or short films, he can be found chasing waves in Aljezur or hanging out in Amsterdam.