From a really young age Maël Demarcy grew up living in different cultures around the world. Africa, Europe and North America have nourished his curiosity and love for human conditions, documentaries and films. Following his film studies in Paris, he moved to Montreal in 2004 to found his own production company DAVAI. For the past 10 years Maël has been shooting TV commercial and personal work all around the globe. He has a natural cinematic approach driven by poetic visuals and powerful storytelling. While his work is full of humanity and sensibility, his style is driven by unique narratives forms, capturing moments that he loves to transform into raw emotions. Whenever he can, he escapes to the Azores and the good Portuguese he speaks comes from these islands. Now back in France, Maël is leading the freshly opened DAVAI Paris office and is now represented in Portugal by Ministério Dos Filmes.